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Andrew Z to release his third studio EP The Healer and video for the single Growing Pains on 23 September 2022. After writing over 40 songs, Andrew Z chose six tracks that were the rawest to his soul. The result is a tale of spiraling into darkness, battling depression and addiction while finding solace in light and love.  

“Producing this record was a healing process, I hope it can bring some healing to listeners as well,” he explains. Andrew Z tuned the instruments to A=432hz which is said to be more in harmony with the human body and many people have found it to have healing properties.

Andrew Z recently left Los Angeles where he was submerged in the music industry for over ten years. He is currently residing on the Big Island of Hawaii with plans to return to the mainland after some more soul searching and internal reconciliation. 



Previous events


Indie Fest is a FREE Independent Artists Showcase event happening during Music Week in Austin next March 2020.

Texas Indie Fest 2020 is a two day independent music showcase featuring the best emerging artists from around the country.

Texas Indie Fest has been recognized as one of the fastest growing showcase in Texas. This year, Texas Indie Fest will be celebrating its 10 years anniversary. Texas Indie Fest at Austin Winery, will be showcasing 10 singers songwriters, all performing their talents in front of music industry professionals, other musicians, and the best fans in Austin, TX!.

The showcase takes place at Austin Winery, the first urban winery in Austin, located at The Yard, few minutes away from Downtown Austin


Zaragoza at Benefit for Australia Wildfires

New Bohemian Brewery Co, 1030 41st Ave, Santa Cruz

As many of you already know, the devastation of the Australian bushfires is some of the worst destruction we have ever seen.

*UPDATE 1/13/2020** We have just heard from a friend in Australia that the mega fire has finally begun to be contained and there will hopefully only be a few more weeks of massive burning. The aftermath is next. We are excited to help.

We are working together with Nubo to throw a fundraising event to support the rescue teams in Australia who save and care for these animals. As a global community, we can all come together to do something beautiful! A portion of all proceeds will go to these organizations.

We will have live music and entertainment from local musicians and vendors, local food and a raffle to help raise money for this cause. Come join us for this FREE ADMISSION all day event! Nubo will be contributing a monetary portion of their sales as well, so every beer you purchase goes to an amazing cause! Come spend the day with us, supporting your community, enjoying live music, good food and great brews, all in efforts to help save the wildlife of Australia!

All donations as well as a portion of proceeds will go to Wildlife Victoria

*We are looking for volunteers for the event


4th of July House Party

The Erwin House, 11344 Erwin St, North Hollywood

The Erwin House Presents: July 4th BBQ

THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT! Please dress accordingly, a swimsuit is recommended!


Come celebrate your 4th of July with the Erwin House Family! There will be jumbo games, live bands, food, and a couple of surprises for you all!

Performers: Zaragoza - Musician Foolish Deep David Macias Müsic Tyler Bank Music

DJ Juan Diego Patiño

WE WILL BE SELLING FOOD! You can pay on site but we are offering a PRE-PAID Food ticket to help you guys save a couple bucks! The menu will be posted soon. Pre-Paid ticket $10 At Event price $15




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New Ep from Zaragoza. The follow up to his Billboard charting debut Child of the Sun. In this collection of songs he dives even deeper into an acoustic, singer songwriter realm as opposed to the more rock driven Child of the Sun.

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